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The Marin Valley Mobile Country Club is owned by the City of Novato and provides low-income senior housing in a beautiful, peaceful setting. We are a self-sustaining community and proudly operate with no financial support from local, county, state, or federal funds. We have independently maintained our community in terms of financial, infrastructure, and social needs since 1997. Our financial model is solid, and there is a feeling of neighborliness, friendliness, and quiet enjoyment in the Club.

Various volunteer organizations in the Park provide

    • Temporary health care equipment free of charge.
    • Free shuttle services to our residents to get them to their doctors and/or shopping.
    • Community preparedness classes such as CERT, CPR, AED, and Driver Safety Training Courses happening regularly.
    • Weekly exercise, crafts, meditation (several types), dancing, Tai Chi, and Chi Gong classes.
    • Our own independent Emergency/Disaster response plan is being developed.
    • Weekly social functions and monthly dinner events which in several cases are some of the few interactions our residents can participate in.
    • Marin Valley Mobile Country Club is a significant and long-term success.  A study could be done promoting it as a model for other communities.


Now...what did I walk into the kitchen for?

If you're worried about losing your memory or other aging issues, click Mental_Health_Aging_in_Marin to read all about the June 1 event put on in our Clubhouse from 10-11 am by the Marin County Commission on Aging.


Firewise! Living safely next to wildlands; What we need to know and what we need to do

What can happen to a home on the edge of a fire? You can see it on YouTube here That was only part of a fascinating and sometimes startling presentation by Fire Chief Mark Heine, Bill Tyler, Todd Lando, and Christie Neill at our May 6 Wildfire preparedness day. Ultimately, the day was comforting; we can take action to eliminate fire-prone plants (junipers, bamboo, pampas grass), and there are many ways to take care of ourselves and our neighbors. The Park has a budget for mowing the grass around the edges of the Park, and you can sign up to have the junipers etc. on your lot taken out as there is leftover money; John Hansen at MVEST (, 415.847.7155) can put you on the list. Here is a list of plants to replace them with . At the end lucky folks went home with free fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors, and some glamorous and hardy plants to put in where their junipers used to be!


Regular City Council meeting at the Clubhouse

The City Council and Al Frei joined us Tuesday, February 14, at 6:30 pm for their regular meeting to discuss MVMCC affairs. The minutes will be available here when they're approved at the next meeting.


Rent Differential discussion with the City Staff

The City Staff came to the Clubhouse January 26th and gave us their take on the issue of longstanding rent differentials, and a plan for rent assistance. They took suggestions from us all and will bring it up before the City Council in Feb. Here's their presentation: MVMCC_Rent_Presentation_Dec_2016.


Fire next door

The first major wildland fire the Marin Valley community has ever experienced was effectively and professionally managed by the Marin County firemen with cooperation and assistance from the police, Park management, and Marin Valley Emergency Safety volunteers. 20 acres of mostly grassland adjacent to the Marin Valley community was blackened but there was no residential property damage, and no reported injuries. Pics and details HERE.


The City Council met in the Clubhouse June 13. We'll post the minutes here when they are approved. In short, they authorized PG&E to begin work on the pipeline pathway project, heard an update on staff work on the rent differential, approved the new home for 171 Marin Valley Drive, and approved next year's budget with NO rent increase.

In the meantime, we are item # 5 in the Great Places section of the City_of_Novato_Strategic_Plan_2015-2018_update.


Saving water

Shower with a friend? More practically, here are the MMWD's Top 10 Ways to Save Water The North Marin Water District has asked us to cut back 20%, and gives us ways to do that with a free home survey, rebates, and more here Water_Conservation_Tip_Sheet. Remember to store 5 gallons per person per day for a 5-day period in case of emergency.


For resident news, please go to the Around our Community page HERE.

Want to move in? Check here first!


Fire-safe MCMCC

The drought and recent fire have inspired many of us to begin planning for a response to wildfire; not only are we surrounded by hillsides full of flammable grasses, but there are lots of old junipers full of dry needles (and volatile green needles) in the park. As you remove them and replant, here's a resource for you:

On both computers in the Clubhouse library, click on Mike Krupp's MVMCC Plant Catalog on the desktop. He gathered recommendations from the UC Davis extension, and some of the excellent gardeners in the park picked their favorites from lists of fire- and drought-resistant plants; they will need minimal or no watering after they are established, and do well in clay soil. These suggestions are provided as a service to MVMCC residents by the volunteer Tree & Shrub Committee.

Here is a Fire Department doc on how to create your own Defensible_Space and here is a list of plants that ignite readily and burn intensely, and a list of fire-resistant plants . The Fire Department website is


Speeding, stopping, and supporting the State

How many of us got stopped by that friendly young policeman? Did he tell you the fine for running a stop sign is typically $237.00? The wise person learns from another person's mistakes...


Humanitarian Fund

The MVMCC Humanitarian Fund was created several years ago to help residents who find themselves in a difficult financial situation, usually caused by an unforeseen event.  If you think you would like to apply for a one-time financial assist, contact Matt Greenberg in the office.  All information will remain STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.


NovatoFireDistrictLogo(0413) no CFAIThe Novato Fire District gave us a Special Presentation about fires; Fire Marshal Bill Tyler showed slides of various fires that had happened in the area and how to prevent our community from going up in smoke.

Safe, warm, and well-fed in a disaster! In 2014 Sandy Wargo and the team from the Novato Fire Department put on a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Training for park residents. We learned how keep our homes as safe as possible, practiced putting out a fire, conducted a disaster drill to rescue trapped and injured residents and learned how to triage, and more. Highly recommended for everybody. There are trainings all over Marin; another one happened here in the Park in Jan. 2016. Contact John Hansen of MVEST ( for details, and watch this space for the next one.


This website is sponsored by the Park Acquisition Corporation, residents of the park.